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#Revelit was a Twitter event hosted by us @BelleReveLit. Below you'll find our favorite 140 characters or less poetry/stories. A special thanks to all the participants. We hope to plan another event in the near future.

When we die,
the only place we still live
is in the hearts of those who love us.

     Love, not loved...

Everything that really matters is indefinable,
and immeasurable, until we have lost it.
I never want to measure you.

Today, a new high in my lowness.
Without saying a word, I was still wrong.
My wife preempted me, and she was right.
No arguments.

C G Ayling (@CGAyling) is a past middle aged man, happily married with four children. Three girls and one boy.  His oldest daughter has redeemed herself {partially} in his eyes by granting us a granddaughter, and is about to pop again - another girl... He says, "Who I am doesn't matter, but what I think does. It is the same for everyone, and I think the same of everyone." Visit his website here.

you leave
behind these trails
of song and pollen . . .
honeybee, what should I know
about the gift of self?

ice patches
on the driveway
this morning
I took care to not step
in edges of your shadow

always prepared
for answers to everything
no one knows in this world
this spring becomes heavy
with peach blossoms

am I the first
to have fallen for you?
within this blank page
the last song
of a broken tree

he follows my heart
through songs
as if like a rabbit
I will some day slip into
the whiteness of trees

Kathy Uyen Nguyen is a Vietnamese-American poet and yogi, an origami and art journal enthusiast, and a lifelong adventurer and learner.  Her work has been published online and in print including Qarrtsiluni, Four and Twenty Journal, Notes from the Gean, Pay Attention: A River of Stones, and Bright Stars: An Organic Tanka Anthology.  More of her work can be found at @alotus_poetry on Twitter and her blog at

rapidly melting snow...
hopping over a mud puddle
on my front porch

my search for spring...
pileated woodpeckers
knocking on oak trees

open cabin windows
unraveling my mind ...
the scent of pine

Julie Bloss Kelsey spent many happy hours in the forests of North Carolina while in graduate school. She now lives in Maryland with her husband, three kids, and various pets. Visit her online at Stars in my Sugar Bowl ( or on Twitter (@MamaJoules).

He spent his entire life at work. “Snapping necks and cashing checks”, he said to his coworkers. He died rich, but he still died.

Brendan Cole (@BrendanCole16) has had an unusual journey to becoming a writer. He attended school at various institutions before earning a B.A. with a concentration in journalism from the Umass Amherst. Through it all, he has always written poetry and fiction. His poetry is drawn from the beauty and tragedy of life seen through the lens of his own experience. Selections of his poetry are featured in the anthology Poems from Conflicted Hearts.

Live morally
In your
Expect God, not
To reply, to
Render your soul, give
Imagined redemption,
Eternal life and avoid the
Solitude of death
Hi stranger why cry?
Engagement band in hand
No I do? She knew 
Died he cried
Oh no! I’ll go
Why? I’ll cry
Slips band on her hand
Needing the feeling
I would if I could
Tom Hooten received his Master's Degree in Physiological Psychology from Auburn University, was a pilot in the U.S. Air Force (retired), and had a second career as a Human Resources Director. He has published two scientific research papers (co-authored), a science fiction novel, Hollytime, an essay, "The Physics of Fidget Energy," and several poems. He is in sunny Florida working on Alicetime, the sequel to Hollytime.


  1. Thanks again to all our new friends from Twitter!

  2. Love the themes of life and death here. So much can be shared in such few words.

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my poetry! It's an honor! I look forward to reading the next #revelit feature!

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my poetry! Once again, it is an honor to be included. I look forward to the next #revelit feature and discover more writers and poets among us!


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