Holding On

by Tom Hooten

If only she knew,
apart from our
shared blemishes,
how huggable she is.

Abused young into frailty,
desperate for affection
and promises to deny the
loneliness of the unloved.

A need unfulfilled
festering with age,
thwarting even the
lessons of scars.

So she rushes into
hugs and fleeting warm
without time to grasp
selfish suitor’s aims.

Be not quick into embraces.
Hug one, hug dozens, but
keep free of all who desire
to hug, not hold dear.

Blemishes persist and
scars appear when
the heat of hugs subsides.
It’s holding on that’s hard.

So wait, wait for that holder.
Breakers of hearts abound.
Keep patient, treasure away love
for the one who’ll never let go.

TOM HOOTEN received his Master’s Degree in Physiological Psychology from Auburn University, was a pilot in the U.S. Air Force (retired), and had a second career as a Human Resources Director. He has published two scientific research papers (co-authored), a science fiction novel, Hollytime, an essay, "The Physics of Fidget Energy," and several poems. He is in sunny Florida working on Alicetime, the sequel to Hollytime.


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