An Introvert Speaks

Photo and poem by Paula Carlson

You think because I rarely speak
 that my mind is weak.
But what you fail to realize
is as I listen I reprise,
and I reflect on your notions.

You see,
I have a predilection
for the art of introspection.
Spending time in sweet reflection
contemplating life’s direction,
remembering who I am,
 and where I’ve been
soothes my soul,
and quiets the din.

So, just because I don’t remark
on your every voiced thought,
it’s no reflection on my intelligence quotient,
but a comment
on discernment, maturity and discretion.

PAULA CARLSON was born and raised in South Georgia, graduated from Valdosta State University with an English degree,and currently lives in the outcast realm somewhere near the Georgia border.    


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