Two Poems

by JD DeHart


A new door opened
to a new opportunity
beside the slow river
I once knew

In my dream, I sped
down past the place I
swung heavy on grapevines,
ran to the sound of leaves
breaking apart underfoot
            to find this place
caught slimy creatures
in murky water, imagining
the large fish I would catch,
then dreamed of my brother
catching a larger fish
            still larger
It swam after mine, still life,
never catching up.


Gathered pages tell a story,
but it is not the narrative I
expected – where is the character
I once met?
He lies in silent repose.
All the contents seem
stained with an ugly truth;
all I wanted was soft fiction,
gossamer verbiage,
comforting gospel colloquialism,
old friends.
When I reach the end (I cannot
wait for the last page), I imagine
a sense of relief, a sense of hunger
for the plot I wanted,
a desire I know I will never satisfy
to rewrite the lines, but they will
always appear the same.

JD DeHart is a writer and teacher.  His chapbook, The Truth About Snails, is available on Amazon and his main blog is


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