by William Ogden Haynes

In 1975 Walter Jablonski hybridized a daylily and gave it a hybrid name as well, Stella de Oro.  Stella is Italian for ‘star’ and de Oro in Spanish means ‘of gold.’

Yesterday, my wife dug
sixteen holes for her
Stella de Oros just before
an approaching storm.
It’s a good time to plant,
because rain will welcome
the daylilies to their new home.
The gardeners call it watering in,
when soil from the root ball in the pot
comingles with the dirt in the yard
and becomes one with the landscape.
Down here in the south, the Stellas
will grace the yard, playing
their yellow trumpets all summer long.
And we, as Michiganders transplanted
to Alabama some forty years ago,
will thrive as well, even though
this red clay will never
accept us as its own.

WILLIAM OGDEN HAYNES is a poet and author of short fiction from Alabama who was born in Michigan and grew up a military brat.  His first book of poetry entitled Points of Interest appeared in 2012 and a second collection of poetry and short stories Uncommon Pursuits was published in 2013.  Both are available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback.  He has also published over ninety poems and short stories in literary journals and his work has been anthologized multiple times 


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