Editing in the OR

for Hannah 
by Tom Hooten

I’ve been heard to say,
“She’s twice as big as she looks.”
When she speaks, or opens, 
ah, those twinkling eyes,
her beauty is amplified.

And like a well-written fantasy,
if you open and edit what doesn’t glow,
her story, filled with stars, is
captivatingly magnified.

TOM HOOTEN received his Master’s Degree in Physiological Psychology from Auburn University, was a pilot in the U.S. Air Force (retired), and had a second career as a Human Resources Director. He has published two scientific research papers (co-authored), a science fiction novel, Hollytime, an essay, "The Physics of Fidget Energy," and several poems. He is in sunny Florida working on Alicetime, the sequel to Hollytime.


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