Two Poems

by Ross Knapp


The background is ablaze in splendor!
Sun shoots through the leaves in the trees
Beginning to bloom and burst forth
Into first beauty of the year
Too busy to remember winter’s betrayal
The trees create a slim silent shield keeping me safe
Right now, right here, just right
My eyes scan the squirrels
My skin brushes up against the glorious genius girl beside me
She smiles like Sappho
Green gushes forth from the ground
Gnawing playfully and knowingly between my bare feet
Gentle breezes gust round and round
My arms and face feel the warmth of bathing light
Birds buzz and chirp in cheerful contentment
Singing forth short euphoric choruses
Simple cars rumble down suburban streets
My old wooden bench swings back and forth
Singing its squeaky monotone melody
Saturdays are the best of days
Few obligations or complications
One of the only refuges from the craze


Black as death
Is the way
Cream, sugar
Syrups, milk
Vulgar masks
When grown and
Roasted right
Ground just right
Brewed just right
Take your pick
Thick Turkish
Fancy French
Stovetop sludge
Dripbrews too
Infinite ways
To inspire
Drink the rich
Dark liquid
And live as
Life relents
Just a bit
Mind muses
Up up up
Drink think do
Skits in flits
To do all
To succeed
To achieve
Oh coffee!
To my id
Lazy me!

ROSS KNAPP  is a recent college graduate with degrees in philosophy and English literature who's also a graduate student in an MFA creative writing program. He has written an experimental literary novel and has also read and written poetry extensively independently in addition to working a day job to pay the bills. Originally he was planning on law school or a PHD in philosophy but decided to follow his passions and pursue poetry and writing as a career. Some of the poets he admires most are Sappho, Virgil, Li Po, Hafiz, Francois Villon, Dante, Keats, Whitman, Akhmatova, Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Eliot, Pound, Crane, Millay, Thomas, Sexton, Lowell, Ginsberg, and Plath. 


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