by Jared Pearce


Only through the grace pain brings
You come—I've seen how it stings
The sufferer to grant your wings
To descend among my cups of hands—

And know by experience the lands
You'll discover long afresh, grand
Worlds and a measure of your own sand
As it ripples through the narrow waist

Of living, where you'll find that pain
That loved through, and know grace again,

And the suffering that sails and sings.

JARED PEARCE teaches writing and literature at William Penn University.  His poems are forthcoming from Angle, Far Off Places, and Albatross, and have recently been shared in Paper Nautilus, Interdisciplinary Humanities, Anthem, Apeiron Review, and The Lake.


  1. It is always a pleasure reading the works of Jared Pearce. I greatly enjoy the beautiful representation of time in this piece. It is a perfect example of how Jared Pearce is able to accurately depict not only the visual ideals of abstract thoughts, but also the associated feelings.

  2. Jared, you always get me thinking!

  3. I'll confess I don't "get" all the suffering part - childbirth, of course? - but I do like the hourglass allusion. "A measure of your own sand" . . . nice! Thank you, Jared - Glenda

  4. So few words, so much to consider. Nice.

  5. It was soothing to me; thank you; very proud of your work.


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