Three Poems

by Scott Thomas Outlar

On to the Next

when you come
to the last page
of a notebook
it is more difficult
to write thirty-three lines
than it was
to write the previous sixty-nine pages.
Why is this, you wonder?
Probably because
the next notebook
is already set out beside you
waiting for its turn,
so you know
that even when you finish
this last poem
there will be more
blue-lined, white pages
calling for ink.
Sometimes it feels
like they might as well
be calling for blood.
Other times it is easy,
and the last line
of one notebook
runs right into
the first line of the next.
But once it is over
and you’ve laced all the lines
with thoughts from your
streaming consciousness,
you feel good for a brief moment.
And then it is on to the next…

Riding It Out

Keep riding the wave
as long
and as high
as it’ll take you

Keep pushing the envelope
as deep
and as far
as you can
until it rips
and all the little letters
spill out upon the page
one after the other
in whatever order
will work best
to get the message
from one side of the sea
to the other
before the tide
comes crashing
into shore
scattering it all
across the sands of time

Walking in the Dark

Sometimes life can seem to be
a play
with nothing but bad actors
and a hack writer
that can’t seem to get the lines straight.

Sometimes the world can seem to be
a stage
with a stockpile
of broken spotlights
that cast shadows over every scene.

SCOTT THOMAS OUTLAR survived both the fire and the flood - now he dances in celebration while waiting on the next round of chaos to commence.  Otherwise, he lives a relatively simple life in the suburbs outside Atlanta, spending his time reading, researching, taking meditative walks, gazing at stars, laughing at life's existential quandaries, flowing and fluxing with the Tao River, and writing prose-fusion poetry dedicated to the Phoenix Generation.  His work has appeared in various venues via magazines, journals and websites, including recently in Dissident Voice where he contributes regularly, Dead Snakes, Halcyon Magazine, Black Mirror Magazine, The Camel Saloon, and The Chaffey Review.  Scott can be reached at


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