Grandfather Impressions

by Richard Stokes

He pressed his thoughts
between journal pages
like I did maple leaves
in my childhood scrapbook.
Like the leaves
his words left patterns,
a portrait more distinctive
than the one
hanging in the den.

Born in Georgia in 1939 Richard graduated from Emory University in 1961, then went on to earn a graduate degree at Texas A&M and work for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He moved to Juneau, Alaska in 1971 and lives there now with his wife, Jane. 

He is part of a writer’s group consisting of up to seven 1959 graduates of Oxford College of Emory University. In addition to Alaska nature which he loves and aging which he is doing, Richard continues to write from southern inspirations, including the theme of changing black-white relations.

Richard has published extensively in Juneau publications, including Tidal Echoes, the literary journal of the University of Alaska Southeast. In 2013 and again in 2015 one of his poems was awarded first place in a statewide competition sponsored by the Fairbanks Arts Association.


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